Credit request for free & without obligation Learn in a few seconds whether you get a holiday loan or not. Immediate payment in a few minutes By flash transfer, the money will be transferred to your account within 60 minutes.


The Good lender Vacation Credit can be used for a destination of your choice. Scandinavia, Asia or the Caribbean? The booking of a rental car, the financing of an accommodation or the cost of living on site? The holiday loan covers all travel costs.

The credit for your vacation

The credit for your vacation

The holiday loan with Good lender allows individual terms and fair conditions. Since the holiday loan is not earmarked, the loan amount can be determined individually depending on the purpose. The loan calculator helps to calculate the amount and the repayment amount. Book the 2-rate option, extend the term to 60 days. This is especially useful if you need a larger amount such as booking a flight or hotel.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the loan application: complete the application form online and verify yourself using the VideoIdent procedure from home. Once you have uploaded your required documents and fulfilled the requirements, you will receive the approval and payment of the loan within 60 minutes.

For whom is the holiday loan suitable?

For whom is the holiday loan suitable?

The holiday loan can first be applied for by anyone – regardless of whether the holiday loan is taken out for private or professional reasons. The reasons for the travel credit can be manifold.

Parenting : The birth of a child not only claims the parents time, but also financially. For the newly-baked parents, it is important to use the monetary means for the needs of the child. The parental leave is also excellent for the first common travel as a family. But a holiday without money with children is hardly feasible. A holiday loan is the optimal solution to ensure short-term holiday financing.

Studies : Students who want to finance a trip or vacation as a student usually have a smaller budget than full-time employees. Students earn their living through secondary employment or a state subsidy. Thus, students often have the experience of keeping their living costs low and of making travel at a favorable price. If there is too little money for the holidays on the account, a holiday loan is ideal.

Retirement : For retirees it is advisable to borrow money for the holidays, if the pension does not allow savings and only covers the monthly living expenses.

A new acquisition : If a new car or expensive electrical appliances was invested at short notice, holiday financing via a holiday loan from Good lender is an advantage. So nothing stands in the way of the planned vacation.

The benefits of the holiday loan

Holidays are an important asset for people to relax, to free themselves from worries and cultural education. Financing for the holiday is sometimes complex and challenging. Whether as a whole family or a single traveler – the procurement of financial foundations for holidays often reaches its limits. From a regional holiday to a dream trip: You can take out a loan for the holiday to start your dream trip.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Payment within a short time: If you apply for your holiday loan on a working day until 2 pm, you will receive the information about the loan approval and the payment on the day of the application. The online application can be completed at any time. This saves you time-consuming ways to authorities and long waiting times.
  • Flexible Installment: Flexible installment allows our customers to extend their 30-day term to two, three or six monthly installments. Thus, you can take the credit for the holiday and pay back flexibly.
  • Short term with low interest rates: Who wants to take a 30 day loan for a trip, should pay attention to low interest rates, in order not to overwhelm its financial situation. The short maturities yield low interest rates with the effective annual interest rate of 13.9 percent. Take the test with our loan calculator.
  • Credit standing for medium creditworthiness: The usual credit institutions use the Bank score as the basis for deciding on the loan approval. Good lender, as the first credit intermediary for short-term and small loans, uses a specially developed credit certificate for its government-regulated loans. We know about the changed criteria regarding shorter terms and the associated repayment rate. The low credit sums and short terms allow a holiday credit even with medium credit rating. If you have a regular income, the credit can also be granted to you if your credit rating is negative.

Requirements for the holiday loan

Requirements for the holiday loan

If there is any uncertainty as to where the money for the holiday should come from and you want to book a vacation on credit, the following conditions apply:

  • Minimum age: In order to take out a holiday loan, our customers must have reached the age of 18 years.
  • An account with a German bank: To apply for your holiday loan, you need a German account.
  • Residence in Germany: A residence in Germany is a key requirement for obtaining the holiday credit.
  • Proof of income and identification: Proof of income and a valid identification document (identity card) are required to provide you with the holiday loan for your trip.
  • At least a medium credit rating: The framework conditions for our short-term loans provide security even with medium credit ratings, since the terms are short.

How to apply for your holiday loan

Finance holidays despite Bank

The application for your holiday loan can be carried out safely and quickly. Your loan request will not be sent to the Bank. Shorter terms and smaller amounts allow lending even with a medium credit rating. Thus, the holiday financing is secured without Bank.

The application in three steps

1. Determine loan amount and term Determine the loan amount and the term using our holiday credit calculator. You can decide individually how much you need and until when you pay off the sum. The loan calculator for your vacation determines the borrowing rate and the total amount based on your settings and the annual percentage rate of charge. 2. Fill in the form online Now the online form can be filled out. For this, the personal data are requested. The next step is to prove the income situation on the basis of which the loan approval is decided. 3. Perform verification To simplify the loan application, you can identify yourself using the VideoIdent process. For this you need a valid ID document. Within a few minutes you will be verified for the holiday loan.